Rodeo Queen Contest

  1. Contestants must be females above 5 years of age (ID or birth certificate), have never been married, and have
    no children. Contestants must reside in Oklahoma within 50 miles of the LO arena, have no felony
    convictions, complete an application. Have a High school diploma or be enrolled in school and sign a contract
    with waivers. Parents must sign for contestants under 18 years of age.
  2. Contestants must demonstrate the ability to ride a horse at a walk, trot, and lope with and without a flag.
  3. Contestants will present themselves in neatly approved attire while attending ranger functions.
  4. The Winner will be decided by the total monies turned in for tickets, programs ads, trailer ads, raffle chances,
    banner sales, new sponsorship's, and individual fund raising activities. Contestants must inform the Rodeo
    queen committee when and how they are conducting individual fund raising (i.e. Bake sales, raffles etc.).
    When a business wants to purchases a new gold buckle, event, or platinum sponsorship the contestant will
    pass on the information to the Club treasure and he will finalize the sponsorship. In the event of a tie, ticket
    sales will be used as tie breaker.
  5.  All monies for the program ads must be turned in to the treasure no later than noon on July 1 st . All other
    monies must be turned in by noon on the Monday before the first Lawton Rangers Rodeo performance.
  6. All advertisement forms must be legible and complete in order to be counted. New ads must be camera ready.
  7. The Club treasure will issue all rodeo tickets and raffle tickets.
  8. Contestants will provide the queen committee with a list of persons who will be assisting them with sales.
    Lawton rangers and their spouses are discouraged form selling for a contestant.
  9. The winner will be announced during the final performance of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo. The winner is
    encouraged to attend all Rangers functions for the next year and ride in the following year’s rodeo.
  10. Prizes:
    a. First Place receives a new 2 horse trailer with advertisements. The ads must be left on the trailer for
    one year. A Buckle and Saddle.
    b. All Runner ups will receive a Buckle. A Saddle will also be awarded if total program, banner, and
    trailer add sales total over $5,000.00 before July 15th.
  11. Advertisements CANNOT be sold to the following sponsors by queen contestants.
    List will be provided by the club Treasurer based upon the previous year. See attached page.
  12. The Board of Directors of the Lawton Rangers can amend or add rules at any time with a majority vote.
    Their decisions are final. Contestant will be notified immediately of any changes.

POC for the contest are:

Mark Meason, 580-512-1183
Wayne Bales 580-585-0830

Applications need to be mailed to:

Lawton Rangers
2004 SE 60th Street
Lawton, OK, 73501

Download Application